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Types of Cork 


Traditional One Piece Natural Cork

The natural cork closure is manufactured by punching a one-piece cork strip. They are produced in many different cylindrical or conical forms and sizes. The standard wine bottle takes a straight-sided cylinder that is 24mm in diameter.




Technical Cork Closures

Technical corks were created for bottled wines that are consumed within a period of two to three years. They consist of a very dense agglomerate cork body with natural cork disks glued on one or both ends. An approved food contact glue is used to bond the disks to the agglomerated cylindrical body.




Agglomerated Cork Closures

Agglomerated cork closures are entirely made of granulated cork, derived from by-products that are a result of the manufacture of natural cork closures. Agglomerated cork closures are manufactured by individual molding, by extrusion or block molding. In both methods, approved food contact glues are used to bind the cork granules together.




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