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Cork and Wine

While natural cork has been shown to be best for wine, it is also best for the experience of drinking wine, according to an overwhelming number of winemakers and wine drinkers worldwide. This has been shown in numerous surveys taken over many years in countries throughout the world. Most people agree: wine and cork go together, a marriage born of tradition, nature, and culture.

The rituals of opening a bottle of wine elevate even a casual dinner at home into a special occasion. The turning of the corkscrew, the sound of the pop (described as one of the happiest sounds in the world), the slow pour. The touch, the color, the look of natural cork stimulate the senses and add to the wine drinking experience. Everything about it speaks to nature and purity. After all, it is just tree bark, as much a product of the earth and sun and water and air as the wine it preserves.

Natural cork signifies quality: We feel this, and we know this because every survey shows it. In a 2017 consumer survey by Wine Opinions, consumers were asked to choose a preference between cork, synthetic and screwcap closures for variety of purchasing occasions.

  • A bottle to give as a gift to a wine-loving friend - 93% chose cork

  • A bottle of wine you bring to a dinner party – 85% chose cork

  • A bottle of wine you buy in a restaurant – 92% chose cork

  • Weekend dinner with close friends at home – 76% chose cork

When consumers were asked about the closure as an indicator of quality, 97% responded that cork indicated “high” or “very high” quality in wine.

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